KUTERO specialists repair robotic systems of all makes and also equip them with the necessary spare parts.

Service for Con­sum­a­bles, Repairs and Spare Parts

At KUTERO pipe re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion pros get all they need from one source. As a trading house which is in­de­pen­dent of man­u­fac­tu­rers we are also a reliable provider of con­sum­a­bles (liner materials, resins etc.). Our tech­ni­cal service offers repairs and custom-made spare parts for

  • optical in­spec­tion units
  • mechanics
  • hydraulics
  • hybrid cables (mul­ti­func­tion­al cables good for air and elec­tri­ci­ty)

Our specialists repair robotic systems and also equip them with the necessary spare parts. The spares get modified and adapted to the in­di­vi­dual ap­pli­ca­tions on site. The quality is usually better than the original equipment man­u­fac­tu­rer quality – because we consider a repair as a chance to make im­prov­ements in hand­ling and du­ra­bi­li­ty. KUTERO service also in­cludes the com­plete refur­bish­ment of sewer equip­ment.

We offer inspection and complete refurbish­ment of your pipe re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion robots

After a careful in­spec­tion and a general overhaul the in­stru­ments and of course all spare parts can be shipped directly to the user – worldwide and overnight when time is an issue.

For further in­for­ma­tion about con­sum­a­bles, repairs and spare parts please contact:

Florian Schneider
Telephone: +49 9923 80180-231
email: repair-service@kutero.com

KUTERO repairs robotic systems and produces and offers service and spare parts.
 Repair service & spare parts