KUTERO also develops and produces modular high-pressure rinsing units, for example.

The Chassis changes, but the High-Pressure Rinsing Unit never, ever, ever does

Box vans fit­ted with a high-pres­sure rinsing unit de­signed for cleaning pipes and sew­ers, all have one criti­cal draw­back: What if the van's chassis needs repairing following an ac­ci­dent, and your special purpose vehicle is out of service for days on end? Or if the mile­age signals the end of the road for the emer­gency service vehicle? Retro-fit­ting the high-pressure rinsing unit is highly labori­ous and cost-inten­sive – if at all even possi­ble. So much so, that the question of the overall eco­no­mic viability of the mea­sure arises.

It's for this reason that KUTERO's engineers have gotten rid of the dead­wood, and devel­oped a modular kit for high-pressure flushers, which enables the complete high-pressure rins­ing unit to be trans­ferred from one (box van) chassis to another in the short­est of time. This saves on costs.

Modular design with infinite possibilities

The KUTERO system solution is based on a robust mount­ing frame, which is equipped indi­vid­ually, and con­sist­ent­ly with high-grade quality com­po­nents.

Whether high-pressure pump, separate motor or aux­il­iary units, wheth­er recep­tacle or sewer clean­ing hose, nozzles or hose reels – KUTERO's high-pressure rins­ing units are distinc­tive for their variety, dura­bil­ity and practi­cally limit­less up­grad­ing options. Take a look at our equip­ment lists, which we'll be only too happy to send you by email, and find out the details you need to know.

Speaking of detail: All the func­tions of the high-pres­sure rinsing systems can be con­trolled via a stand­ard radio re­mote control. The same is true of the auto­mat­ic tank mon­itor­ing system, which with a per­ma­nent­ly con­nect­ed water supply, ensures that a refill is con­stant­ly avail­able. What's more, KUTERO’s high-pressure rins­ing units are equipped with a digital main­te­nance control system (incl. mon­itor­ing the oil level, and the filter purifica­tion) with logbook and inter­active oper­at­ing instruc­tions, which highly simpli­fies the main­te­nance work, and ulti­mate­ly increases the lon­gev­ity of the system.

Today fitted to this box van, to­mor­row that one – no other high-pres­sure rinsing unit of­fers great­er ef­fi­cien­cy

Benefit from KUTERO's system so­lu­tion, which can be quick­ly and safe­ly housed in prac­ti­cally any box van/truck, and which gives busi­ness­es even more finan­cial free­dom. Such as with the se­lec­tion of chassis (leas­ing) offers. But also with the e­quip­ping and retro expan­sion of the mod­ular high-pres­sure rins­ing units for emer­gen­cy service vehicles. Because here at KUTERO, we don't look on sustainabili­ty as a sales argu­ment, but rather as a theo­reti­cal and prac­ti­cal prin­ciple.

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