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High-Pressure Rinsing Units, Special Cables for CCTV Cameras and Consumables out of one hand

When it comes to equip­ment there is one fact that all pipe re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion pros will confirm: Fewer com­pro­mises means better results and makes it easier to achieve perfect solu­tions in a short time­frame. For KUTERO engi­neers this is the basic ap­proach when de­vel­op­ing and im­proving the equip­ment for special­ty ve­hi­cles that operators need for their daily work on site.

More about KUTERO’s mobile high-pressure rinsing systems for box vans.
 High-pressure flushing unit

High-Pressure Flushers

Robust quality comes as standard: KUTERO sup­plies highly practi­cal, solid, sophis­ti­cat­ed high-pres­sure rins­ing units. Our high-pres­sure rinsing systems are not rigid­ly at­tached to the vehi­cle, but can in­stead be used ex­treme­ly flexibly. This is be­cause we have worked with nu­mer­ous opera­tors to devel­op a modular system, de­signed so that it can be fitted to that emer­gen­cy vehi­cle or chassis today, and to a dif­fer­ent one to­mor­row. A robust mount­ing frame forms the basis for our multi-fac­et­ed solu­tions, all of which are fitted with high-grade qual­ity com­po­nents. | Read more

More about KUTERO's durable camera cables in original equipment manufacturer quality for pipeline video inspection.
 Camera replacement cables

Fabrication of special Cables for Sewer Inspection Cameras

KUTERO produces durable camera cables in original equipment manufacturer quality. The cables are good for non-destructive testing and also for all other kinds of appli­ca­tions. They get as­sem­bled with cor­re­spond­ing con­nector plugs for KUMMERT camera systems. All cables we produce slip well into sewage pipes and are very robust. To put it simply: "Made in Germany". The in­no­va­tive structure of our cables is well-proven and our en­gi­neers have im­proved the original cables so that pipe re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion pros need to roll the cables sig­nif­i­cant­ly fewer times on and off the cable drum. | Read more

More about consumables, repairs and manufacturing of spares.
 Repairs and spares

Consumables, Repairs and Manufacturing of Spares

KUTERO provides pipe rehabili­ta­tion pros with all they need. Our full-ser­vice also in­cludes repair services for robots of all makes, for all optical in­stru­ments, for me­chan­ic and hy­drau­lic systems, for hybrid cables and much, much more. The re­paired instru­ments are put through their paces on four dif­fer­ent in-house test tracks and can also be adapt­ed to the required op­er­a­tive options and the envi­ron­ment on site. And of course, the world­wide ship­ment of spares oper­ates 24 hours, 7 days a week. | Read more